Sports Day

A big thank you to Miss Lamb for organising a fantastic Sports Day which was enjoyed by all and a great, big thank you to all of the parents who showed up to support us…the teachers let the parents win the tug of war as a way of saying thank you 😉

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

photo (1)

Is it Ismaeel? Is it Nabeel? No!

It’s a Year 4 superhero! I have absolutley loved being a superhero today and although I missed my 3b I did have fun with 4b. I’m really looking forward to working and learning with you all in September 🙂

Numeracy Links

Continue improving your numeracy skills using these websites:

2.Build a shed using your converting skills. Remember: 100cm = 1metre, 10mm = 1cm

3.Find fractions of a number. Remember to use DDMN! Divide by the numerator, multiply by the denominator.

4.Can you find the missing number to make the calculation correct? Make sure you play <100 or <1000!

5. Will you be able to handle money problems? Can you work out which item will be the cheapest? How much change will be received? Test your knowledge! Remember 100p = £1

1. Can you balance equations? Play this game with an adult to warm up your brain and get you ready for the rest of the games.

2. How quick are you at doubling and halving? Play this game with an adult, have your whiteboards or numberfans ready to show the answers!

3. Can you find the missing number to make the calculation correct? Make sure you play <20 or <50!

4. What would you like to buy? Work out the total cost and the change you will receive. Remember 100p = £1. You could play this game with an adult.

Pictures from the residential – On our way!

On our way! on PhotoPeach

A message for you…

(Posted late due to Internet reception problems)

Monday 24th June 2013

To Mum and dad do not miss me to much love from Ibrahim

Thank you Mum and Dad I will have a lot more confidence love from EShal

Don’t miss me too much toheed

I really miss you so don’t miss me too much from Ismaeel

To mum (Safia) I miss u very much but I am looking. Forward to the trip you have a heart of pure gold to let come to the trip and your cheeks of fair roses you see and golden stars in your eyes I am lucky to have you number one mum I love grandma for creating you
From sana,

to mum I want you to no I love you your heart is like roses when I hug you it feels like grandma is the best because she car rated you. Hamna

To mum and dad(nighat par air) I relly miss you but don’t miss me to much!from haniyyah

To mum and Dad I really miss u but dont be too sad that I’m gone because I’m enjoying myself! Zahra

Don’t miss us too much! Abdul and Rahman

Can’t wait too get there, looking forward to having hot chocolate! From Tayyab and Sahil

I can’t wait until we get there! From Rose and Anisa

I miss you but I’m looking forward to the trip! From Hannah and Huzaifah

Make sure the boys don’t cry from Noor

Can’t wait to get there, looking forward to seeing our rooms Azkaa and Suha

I love you and I miss you so much Megan and Amy

Have a nice time at home from Hurum, Laiba and Iqra

Thanks for letting us go on the trip from Diogo and Saarim

I’m really excited about the trip from Jada

Going to miss you! From Joe and Ethan

Looking forward to doing some archery from Komal and Maryam

I am looking forward to go on an archeological dig! Nabeel and Ibrahim

I am having fun, I can’t wait until I do archery from Kane, Harley and Kayden

Looking forward to the trip, we miss you from Saqib, Awais and Sameer

I am looking forward to all the activities, I might miss you from Alix

I’m looking forward to archery and playing with my friend Duha

To Mum and Dad I’m having a lot of fun enjoying our trip from Aaliyah

I’m enjoying it from Lukiese

Are your bags packed?

I’m bouncing off the windows.
I’m bouncing off the walls.
I’m feeling like my feet are made
of bouncing rubber balls.

I’m running like I’m crazy.
I’m running like I’m mad.
I might seem like a lunatic
but, boy, I’m feeling glad.

I’m jumping like a kangaroo
or like a jumping bean.
I act this way at least a week

Poem by Kenn Nesbitt, edited by your teacher 🙂

Reminder for our final meeting…

Our residential is now less than a week away! As stated on the letter we sent home last week, there will be a final meeting this Thursday:

Venue: Key Stage 2 Hall
Date: Thursday 20th June 2013
Time: 3.15 (For a 3.30 start)

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Read all about it!

Test you newspaper report writing knowledge…

Industrial Action 27th June – PARTIAL CLOSURE

As we indicated on the letter sent home on Friday 14th June, you will be aware that the NASUWT and the NUT have balloted their members for industrial action.

The school has received notification that the above trade unions which represent teachers within the school intend to take industrial action on Thursday 27th June 2013.

As staff within the school are members of these unions the school will be affected by industrial action.

We have undertaken a risk assessment for the school and have made the decision to partially close the school for pupils in the following classes:-

Class 1a, 2a, 3a, 4b, 5b & 6a.

Your child/ren should return to school on Friday 28th June 2013.

Please note that all siblings who’s classes are unaffected must attend school as normal otherwise they will be noted as an unauthorised absence.

Any absences either the day before or after the strike will also be noted as an unauthorised absence.

We apologise for any inconvenience this industrial action may cause you.

Thank you Mr Peat!

Today the talented, fantastic Alan Peat came into our classroom and performed this poem:

He then challenged us to create our own. Did we create a letter poem and beat Mr Peat at his own game? Watch this space to find out!